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5 Essential Tips Mastering HP Battery Care

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5 Essential Tips Mastering HP Battery Care

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Tips Mastering HP Battery Care. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to properly care for their HP battery. Therefore, here are some tips to

5 Essential Tips Mastering HP Battery Care
5 Essential Tips Mastering HP Battery Care
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5 Essential Tips Mastering HP Battery Care


Tips Mastering HP Battery Care – HP has become an essential need for everyone in supporting their daily activities. Its functions have diversified, serving purposes such as work, entertainment, education, and more. It’s no wonder that separating the use of HP from our daily lives is a difficult task. To maximize the functionality of your HP, it is crucial to pay attention to the battery and ensure it remains in prime condition for use. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to properly care for their HP battery. Therefore, here are some tips to help you maintain your HP battery and prevent it from deteriorating.

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  1. Recharge your HP before it reaches 20%.

Most people tend to start charging their HP when it’s almost completely drained. However, some might not wait until the battery is low and immediately recharge it whenever they want. This habit varies from person to person, but one thing that’s not recommended is letting your HP battery completely drain before charging it. Avoid trying to charge below 20%, and especially, do not let it die completely as this can cause damage. When the battery is completely drained, it puts extra strain on your HP when recharging, potentially leading to overheating. The heat generated can be a problem for lithium-ion batteries commonly used in various smartphone brands.

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  1. Use the original charger.

When charging your HP, it is strongly advised to use the original charger, especially the one that comes with your HP when newly purchased. Despite this recommendation, many still daringly use counterfeit chargers. Unbeknownst to them, using fake chargers can also have serious consequences for your HP. Using fake chargers can make your HP battery susceptible to issues. Counterfeit chargers can cause overheating, particularly at the charger’s head. Additionally, these counterfeit chargers lack voltage overload protection features, posing a risk of explosion if you charge your HP beyond the recommended duration.

  1. Avoid using your HP while charging.

One common habit while charging is to use your HP simultaneously. However, despite numerous warnings against it, many people are impatient and can’t resist using their HP while waiting for the battery to charge fully. This habit can cause damage to the battery, so it’s essential to be cautious. The damage caused by using your HP while charging is not limited to just the battery itself. When you play with your HP while it is connected to the charger, the charging cable undergoes multiple twists and turns, making the cable and USB port prone to damage. This not only hampers the charging process but also makes the charger more likely to break.

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures.

For those who frequently engage in outdoor activities, it is crucial to consider where you store your HP. The temperature and weather conditions can cause problems for your HP if stored carelessly, especially if exposed directly to sunlight. Direct sunlight can potentially cause severe damage to your HP. It’s important to note that sunlight contains ultraviolet components that can damage the HP screen and its protective coating. Additionally, the heat from sunlight can lead to overheating risks if exposed for a prolonged period, with the worst-case scenario being an explosion due to extreme heat.

  1. Do not charge your HP to 100%.

When charging your HP, you might have the habit of leaving it until it reaches 100% before unplugging it. This is commonly done at night when you leave the HP to charge and unplug it the next morning. However, unknowingly, this habit can gradually damage the battery, making it more prone to issues. The electrical voltage in the battery gradually increases until it reaches 100%. However, excessively high voltage can burden the battery’s performance, accelerating the deterioration of its power storage capacity. This leads to the battery easily leaking if you have the habit of charging it to full capacity.

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5 Essential Tips Mastering HP Battery Care
5 Essential Tips Mastering HP Battery Care


Charging your HP requires careful attention. This is essential to ensure that your HP battery remains in good condition and doesn’t disrupt your daily activities. Pay close attention when charging your HP to avoid any potential issues.

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