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The Rise of Meta Quest 3: A Virtual Reality Revolution

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The Rise of Meta Quest 3: A Virtual Reality Revolution

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The Rise of Meta Quest 3. Meta Quest 3 has made significant strides towards revolutionizing the virtual reality landscape. However, one crucial

The Rise of Meta Quest 3: A Virtual Reality Revolution
The Rise of Meta Quest 3: A Virtual Reality Revolution
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The Rise of Meta Quest 3


The Rise of Meta Quest 3 – Diving into the immersive world of virtual reality has been a thrilling experience with the groundbreaking Meta Quest 3 headset. This remarkable device has outshone its predecessor, the Meta Quest 2, by addressing the inherent challenges of VR technology head-on. Although it still has room to grow and may require a few more iterations to reach perfection, Meta Quest 3 has made significant strides towards revolutionizing the virtual reality landscape. However, one crucial missing piece of the puzzle is a game or application that will serve as the driving force behind its mass adoption.

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Allow me to take you on a journey through the triumphs and enhancements of the Meta Quest 3 headset, as well as the areas where improvement is still needed. Furthermore, let’s explore the realm of possibilities for a killer app or game that would truly showcase the potential of this cutting-edge device. Finally, I will introduce you to my product of the week, a pair of ingenious adjustable-focus glasses from 32°N that have the power to reshape our eyewear experience.

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Meta Quest 3 has surpassed its predecessor in numerous ways. One of the standout features of the Meta Quest 2 was its wireless nature, freeing users from the constraints of tangled cords and allowing for a more seamless VR experience. Its aesthetics were pleasing, albeit a bit bulkier than desired. While comfort was lacking, third-party head straps came to the rescue, significantly improving the overall experience. Additionally, the availability of games like Beat Saber provided hours of fun, albeit with the caveat of potential motion sickness after prolonged use.

The Rise of Meta Quest 3: A Virtual Reality Revolution
The Rise of Meta Quest 3: A Virtual Reality Revolution

However, the Quest 2 did have its limitations. The field of view felt restricted, resulting in an impression of peering through a screen. Furthermore, it lacked compelling games comparable to the Halo or Mario Bros. franchises. Though the built-in cameras offered some visibility of the surroundings, the overall view was far from ideal, making it challenging to establish a safe play area.

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In stark contrast, Meta Quest 3 embodies the essence of a next-generation headset. Boasting a wider field of view, enhanced comfort even without additional head straps, and an aesthetically pleasing design (although I would personally prefer a black variant), this device is a visual treat. The audio experience is in a league of its own, offering a significant upgrade from the Quest 2. The Quest 3’s cameras have also seen substantial improvements, effortlessly establishing a safe play environment—though one should be prepared to clear ample space due to the generous boundary it sets.

It is evident that Meta Quest 3 has outpaced its predecessor with its revamped user interface and expanded library of available titles. However, despite these advancements, I still find myself gravitating towards the games I enjoyed on the Quest 2. Despite this, Meta’s integration of Qualcomm’s advanced Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 platform has undoubtedly elevated the overall experience. Realistic hand tracking further adds to the immersion, potentially paving the way for future games that eliminate the need for controllers entirely. Moreover, the optional straps and face surrounds provide users with a personalized touch, allowing them to customize the device’s appearance.

The excitement surrounding Meta Quest 3 only intensifies when we look ahead to the anticipated Meta Quest 4. In approximately a year, we can expect another iteration of this headset that will rectify the remaining limitations present in the Meta Quest 3. With even superior cameras capable of faithfully capturing the surroundings, the foggy view of the Quest 2 will become a relic of the past. Quest 4 aims to create an experience akin to looking through a window, seamlessly blending virtual elements with reality to deliver a visually stunning adventure while ensuring user safety by factoring in obstacles in the room.

In conclusion, Meta Quest 3 undeniably reigns supreme as the premier VR headset on the consumer market currently. Its sleek design, reasonable price point, and vast library of Quest 2 content (with a few updates) make it an enticing choice. The inclusion of the highly anticipated game Asgard’s Wrath 2, albeit scheduled for a December release, adds to its allure. Furthermore, the six-month free trial for the Meta Quest+ VR gaming subscription serves as an enticing glimpse into a world of endless possibilities. However, it’s important to note that unlike game consoles, VR games generally offer individual experiences, necessitating the purchase of multiple headsets for households with numerous aspiring VR enthusiasts.

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While the Meta Quest 3 makes for an excellent gift, particularly for those seeking a truly immersive and physically engaging gaming experience, it falls short of dethroning game consoles with their dedicated fan bases. Nonetheless, it does have the potential to elevate your holiday celebrations by providing an awe-inspiring spectacle for guests. Watching someone interact with a VR headset can be an entertainment spectacle in itself, leaving an indelible impression on those unfamiliar with the world of virtual reality.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the world of eyewear, where 32°N is making waves with its smart adjustable-focus glasses. Traditional smart glasses tend to prioritize delivering information via their display. Yet, true smart glasses should first address fundamental challenges tied to eyewear functionality, such as light adjustment and focus. This is precisely where 32°N steps in.

These groundbreaking sunglasses offer a unique solution by seamlessly shifting from dark glasses to reading glasses with a simple swipe or touch. While they may not showcase any data or augmented reality capabilities found in conventional smart glasses, their ability to morph into reading glasses fills a vital need. If, like me, you often find yourself struggling to read small text without your reading glasses or squinting at the dashboard of your car, these innovative glasses provide a convenient and flexible solution.

However, there are areas for improvement. Even in reading mode, these glasses maintain their tint, which can pose challenges in dimly lit environments. Enhancing text legibility does little good if one struggles to see due to the darkened lenses exacerbating low-light conditions. To truly perfect this eyewear innovation, integrating adaptive optics that automatically lighten in dark settings would elevate their utility. Additionally, the inclusion of data capabilities synonymous with conventional smart glasses would provide an all-encompassing solution. Although we are not quite there yet, these adjustable-focus glasses offer unparalleled convenience for individuals like myself who find themselves constantly switching between dark and reading glasses.

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Keep in mind that to fully experience the potential of these glasses, one must calibrate them through the accompanying app. The calibration process is quick but essential for their proper functioning—an important lesson I learned firsthand. Priced at around $850, they certainly aren’t the most affordable option out there. However, for those seeking a flexible eyewear solution, they prove to be a worthwhile investment capable of transforming your visual experience.

One minor observation is their resemblance to the classic 3D glasses accompanying older 3D televisions, but their potential goes beyond mere aesthetics. There is untapped potential for them to become more than just another accessory.


Meta Quest 3 stands proud as the ultimate VR headset currently available to consumers. Its outstanding features, affordability, and vast library of enticing content set it apart from the competition. Albeit lacking the enduring following of game consoles, it possesses immense entertainment value that can breathe life into holiday celebrations. However, its status as a must-have gift hinges upon a recipient’s interest in VR and the availability of a specific game that piques their curiosity.

The Rise of Meta Quest 3: A Virtual Reality Revolution
The Rise of Meta Quest 3: A Virtual Reality Revolution

As you consider the perfect gift for loved ones, don’t overlook the ingenious offering from 32°N. Their adjustable-focus glasses tackle fundamental eyewear challenges and provide a seamless transition between dark glasses and reading glasses. Though they may lack the data capabilities of conventional smart glasses, they cater to the needs of individuals who frequently switch between these two eyewear options, providing a convenient and efficient solution.


Let your imagination run wild as you explore the captivating world of Meta Quest 3, and discover the transformative potential of 32°N’s adjustable-focus glasses. These cutting-edge technologies redefine the boundaries of virtual reality and traditional eyewear, offering exhilarating experiences and enhanced visual capabilities. Embrace the future today with these extraordinary innovations.

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